Richmond CBC 2023 (Feeder Watcher)

12/30/2023 07:00 AM - 05:00 PM PT


The Richmond Feederwatch is for anyone that wants to be involved with our Christmas Bird Count from the comfort of their own home.

In order to participate as a Richmond Feeder Watcher you must:

1. Reside within the Richmond Count Circle: To see a map of the count circle click here.

2. Have a stationary place to view birds from your home and a set amount of time.

3. Have a way to track and share your observations on the day of the count: December 30, 2023. 

How To Participate as a Feeder Watcher

1. Create an Account/Login via eBird to track and share your observations. Consider downloading the app for mobile use. (If you do not wish to use eBird, contact the co-compilers for additional resources and instructions) 

2. Find a place at home where you can observe birds for a set amount of time. 

3. On the day of (December 30), spend a minimum of 15 minutes counting birds from your viewing spot. (Check out this article on how to count birds from home, by clicking here)

4. Log your observations in eBird by making a checklist (click here to learn how) and share your checklist with: CARI_FDR (see this video).

Join the Richmond Christmas Bird Count Dinner! 

After counting all day, celebrate with us at the Richmond Christmast Bird Count Dinner at 5pm on December 30th! We'll be tallying up our species totals and catching up with our fellow counters and birding friends/family over dinner. You can register for the dinner here.


Contact Richmond Count Compilers - Derek Heins and Karyn Noel at